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Jan. 1st, 2018


new year new resolution


I hope this year will be better than 2017 and all our wishes come true. well at least this year start with a good thing which is an announcement of KAT-TUN returns... yes darling KAT-TUN ENDED THEIR RECHARGING PERIOD!!!!!

finally we can see kamedamaru in the same screen again and there'll be concert in april. their new song 'ask yourself' gonna be kame's new drama ost. seriously I can't wait for it (*A*)9
but somehow I feel little bit sorry for pi tho... he seems lonely in jcd hahahahahaa.... and kame being kame... he flirt with jun (well at least my head scream so) *slapped*

ok now my resolution...
1. manage my money well *now kat-tun is back we need to feed them right?*
2. doing great in my study
3. manage my time well
4. good health *gosh I feel old wkwkwkw...*
5. mentally stronger(?) *I dunno why but lately I've become a quitter*

in the end I hope I can survive this 2018 and be a better person(?) wkwkwkwkww...

Jul. 12th, 2017


kame con goodies

kame knows how to make his fans spend all their money huh hahahahahaha.... and that f*cking poster.... *drooling*
damn I want bag... towel... uchiwa.... t-shirt.... even slippers.... but my money.... I need to cut a lot from the list *sigh*
aaaaarrrgghhhh why I didn't save my money (TTATT)

time to make your list guys....


Mar. 22nd, 2017


KAT-TUN 11th Anniv



May all of you get more new project and settle everything that you have in your mind to be a better group than before. I know I want many new project but please take care of your health but the most important thing is be happy >///<
I hope you can return from your recharging period faster coz I miss seeing all of you stand and sing in a same stage TT_TT


Feb. 23rd, 2017



happy birthday kame... my cute sexy quite narsistic idol... *slapped*
the youngest but strongest KT member...


and thank you kame's mama for having kame >///<
I can't believe it he's 31 already hahaahahhaa.... gosh kame you're so sexy /-\


Dec. 7th, 2016


kat-tun 2017????

kame sang 1582, lost my way and kizuna at johnnys all star island today~~~
for 1582 he changed his costume in the stage and there was flying part too... he did his kamenashi ppap just like in the radio hahahahahaa...

gosh I can't believe it we just miss that ero kamenashi.... I mean 1582 and lost my way??? seriously.... how sexy he can be on that stage... specially after he change his hair style >///<
but the happiest part is when kame said "we're thinking of next year activities..."

da hell... are kat-tun gonna back from hiatus in 2017????? please... let it come true...
I have enough with all the bad things in 2016... please give us some good news TTATT
someone... anyone... please give me some vids, pics, or repo on kame at that event....

miss mee
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Sep. 1st, 2016


junno's solo

last night I'm incredibly happy coz pikame reunion... and today we have another shocking news about junno going solo...

hmmm... tbh I'm mad... angry? feel betrayed? I dunno I just can't feel happy about it *yes I know I'm a bitch*
mostly because his reason for leaving kat-tun is 'he doesn't want to work in ent.world' and now he releasing a single... I mean we all know releasing a single is not that easy, it needs time. now I wondering if he already plan it since he left kat-tun and does kat-tun knows about this? I hope the reporter will ask them nicely *still remember kame's incident* and the second reason is kat-tun hiatus....

I feel sorry for kat-tun coz this has to happend again and they keep saying sorry to fans... I'm angry at junno coz if the kat-tun is the problem it's better to say so than 'I wanna retired from ent. world' and your timing to release single is kinda... =_=
but I also angry with myself for getting angry with junno. I mean junno has his own life and he can do whatever he wants with it. who am I? I'm nobody... I can't ask junno to don't do this/that... *slapped myself*

I thought I'm lucky enough to skip jin *leaving* part coz I'm focusing on uni entrance exam and koki's part coz my final exam. I never thought junno will be the one. I mean he left kat-tun w/o problem, even music station made farewell ep for him but now this??? ok I'm getting angry again *sigh*

I don't wanna get angry with junno seriously I don't, but for now I can't *sorry*
I think I need time to calm down so I won't say something that will hurt the other or I'll regret. as fans I don't wanna we fight each other coz seriously kat-tun is not save until they announce when they'll be back.
I hope I can be a fan that not only loves kat-tun member but also the ex... Though I dunno how long it'll take hahahahaha....

Aug. 31st, 2016



gosh.... I can't believe it there was shuji to akira 2nd reunion *cries*
I thought I can only watched them in JCD 2015-2016. kame came to pi's con and they sang seishun amigo~~~~ arrrgghhh... I'm bawling xDDDD
someone please tell me that some fan recorded this hahahahaha....
well I hope one day they could do some project together and *maybe* release a single again(?)

Aug. 17th, 2016


10Ks release

kat-tun 10Ks dvd release today \>_</
I envy to some people who already recive their dvd (T_T) and there are so many screen caps of cutie kame.... but until now I'm still struggling should I watch it or not. ugghhh... I wanna see them but I don't want it to be over... and the closing part aarrggghhhh.....
I'm scared I won't be able to move on after watching it hahahahaa....

Jul. 3rd, 2016


ma grandma house

I'm going to my grandma house this week... feel excited coz the last time I met her is almost a year ago hahahahhaa....
the problem is it will take at least 8h by driving but if the trafic really... I mean really.... bad it can take 16 even 20h =_=''
I hope I won't gain any weight coz there are a lot of tasty food and they're cheaper wkwkwkwk... but there is no wifi and the tv is kinda hopeless. that's why I download a lot of anime and stocked my comics xD
so... see u in a week(?) *still have no idea how long I'll stay*

Jun. 1st, 2016


knowing kat-tun

it's been a while since my last post hahahahahaha.... Dunno what I should write, then I think I wanna write about kat-tun xD

well I never thought that I'll be this crazy over kat-tun. I mean yes I like japanese stuff since I was kid, I watched tackey and kimutaku dorama since... I dunno maybe 3rd grade or younger? *blame my sister for that* but I never know that they are Johnnys boys or what so ever.... I thought they are an actor and that's it...

in my late 6th grade I know L'arc en ciel and become a huge fan of them. I'm kind a Laruku and vk fan in my junior high. gazette, A9 etc I listened all of them and yes I admit that sometimes I thought my friends are stupid for loving JE boys that much *sorry*
sometimes my friends and I watched our fav artist DVD live together... if they came to my house we watched Laruku and if I came to heir house mostly we watched Johnnys. they know that I'm not a fan of johnnys so they got this idea to make me love johnnys...

when we watched I dunno it's summary or countdown I can't remember but I know all johnnys boys are in it. my friend asked me to choose 1 boy that I like... I dunno any of them except some news, k8 and arashi member which is my friends love and always boosting all time. I'm kinda pissed actually hahahahaaha.... but then again I tried to watch and choose. It's Kame... yup I choose kamenashi kazuya.... and my friend said "he's kame from kat-tun" then some of them laugh... well I dunno a thing about JE at that time, so I wonder do I pick a wrong member? but then I know it from a friend that kat-tun has just debuted so they still kinda newbie.

I don't think about kat-tun that much coz I still love my vk bands but it kinda pissed me of when some of my friend make fun of me for choosing kat-tun and said kame ugly (=_=) *well yeah I admit kame looks so skinny* although I know they were joking. what I hate the most is they give me that kind of senpai vibe coz their fav are kat-tun's senpai *at least if we saw it from debuted year* and I can't say a thing about it. I mean they're still a newbie so no wonder if they have less single right? but coz of this I started to listening real face then it continued to their other single and somehow I become a fan *yup you can called it karma*

then one day... the day that I won't forget came.... my friend who used to say kame ugly said she like no LOVE kame.... she said kame has become so cool and charming. I'm smiling but deep down I said "what? you just realized it now? nyahahahahahahaa....." but I think I should thanks my friend coz without them I won't be a kat-tun fan and I believe karma does exist xD

so if you're kat-tun fan, how do you know them?

                                            fav group pic 5

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